The Beauty of Purchasing Online Parking

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The Beauty of Purchasing Online Parking

Here is the scenario you face.

It’s the middle of May and the Cardinals are playing the Cubs at Busch Stadium. For some reason it is a 6:15pm start time, you don’t get that extra hour like you usually do for night home games. Your boss asks you to stay a little late at work and you dread sitting in traffic on 270, especially with the early start time for the ball game. Your kids are excited to head down to the ballpark & now you wonder if you will make first pitch. On top of that, you know that all of the parking around the stadium is going to be full and now you have no idea where you are going to park and how much it is going to cost.

Well, we can’t do anything about your boss and we surely can’t do anything about the traffic on 270, but we can help with the parking situation. Here at St. Louis Parking we can sell you parking well in advance of when you are going to a ballgame, a concert, or heck, Disney on Ice. It’s a very simple process and we have had it available for the last 2 years.

On this very website, you will see at the top of your screen a “Daily/Event Parking” button. Simply click on that link and you will be transported to an options menu. From there you will select the parking facility you would like to use for your event and book your parking. It really is that simple.

Here are some the details and advantages you will receive from booking your parking ahead of time. One, you will be locked in on the price so there are no worries on the uncertainty of the price you’ll pay when you arrive. Secondly, you are guaranteed that you will have a parking spot when you arrive. Finally, you will save time by not spending additional time in traffic searching for an available parking space and get left walking 10 blocks because everything close to your destination is full already.

If you are looking to purchase on a single game/event basis, it is often times best to do so early, ensuring you have a guaranteed parking space at the location and price of your choosing. Whether purchasing from your desktop, laptop or mobile device, we assure you that your buying experience will be quick and easy.

Overall, you have nothing to lose when purchasing your parking ahead of time. It makes your life more simple…..unlike sitting in traffic on the way home from work every day.